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Chris Colfer Shocker on “Hot in Cleveland”

Hot In Cleveland Sneak Peek: Straight Outta Cleveland
Victoria gets a visit from the son she always forgets (Chris Colfer) and Joy and Mitch (Tim Daly) debate their compatibility

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Thank you for 10 wonderful years, Captain! It was a pleasure to watch you play; we’ll never forget your name.

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make it rain

What’s coming up for Lea Michele

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I’m the only one in the cast who checks the viewing figures – everyone else is oblivious. If someone asks me how we did last night, I say: ‘You don’t want to know, just go through your lines.’ We knew before this season the show was going to end with the sixth season so it’s good to be able to prepare mentally for that. Usually you wake up one morning and you’re told your show’s been cancelled. We’ve had a really good run and Glee has changed TV in a lot of ways. Even if the show doesn’t have the ratings it used to, we still have a passionate hardcore fanbase.
—Kevin McHale (METRO 60 Seconds)

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I remember the last time I shot for ‘Glee,’ it was May 9, 2011. It was a long shooting day that swelled into the wee hours of the following morning.

I was a tad emotional when the clock struck 12 midnight — not because I was tired — but because May 10 was my birthday. And I, a girl from the barrio of Gulod in the far-flung Philippines, was alone in America.

My family was not there, my friends were not there, I didn’t have my loved ones there to celebrate my birthday. It didn’t help that we all still had a long way to go on that day at the set of ‘Glee.’

But Cory came to the rescue, just in time, with his sweet greeting: “Happy birthday, Charice!” A big smile crossed his handsome face. There was sincerity in his tone as he gave me a tight hug. He became family to me at that moment.

In remaining hours of our shoot, Cory told me he had Googled me and found my date of my birth. Cool Cory’s act of kindness. He told other members of the ‘Glee’ cast that it was my birthday and I was floored at how many of them greeted me with their warm birthday wishes.

My body felt cold when I learned about his death. Too soon, too early, too young. I never thanked Cory enough for that one moment in time when he made me feel like family. I never thanked him enough for making me happy on that lonely day.


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